Agent Tools

The Buddy System gathers together a group of tools designed for agents to help them become more productive in their daily business. Each of these tools was developed independently to tackle a specific task that was pulling our agents' attention away from the important core activities needed to be successful in real estate.

Engage Minutes

The number one activity that directly impacts an agent's success in real estate is prospecting new clients, and for some it is the last activity they devote any energy. Tapping into over twenty years of experience as a successful agent and team leader, Buddy developed a system that helps both new and current agents to focus on those daily activities that directly lead to success. Engage Minutes is that system. It is both an activity tracker, a daily planner, and an accountability tool. With the weekly company report that goes out to everyone who is participating, a fun competition is fostered which helps keep agents motivated to see who can bring it the top stats for the week.


Agent referrals are an essential part of any real estate business and yet at times they can be very frustrating. Trying to get timely communication and status updates from the receiving agent can be very difficult, especially on those clients that have a longer timeframe to pulling the trigger. This module was designed to organize outgoing and incoming referrals into a simple, straight-forward tool and then to automate update requests to make sure the status of each client is kept up to date.

Duty Roster

Many real estate companies have some form of on-duty agent calendar to cover incoming lead sources during certain times of the day. Keeping up with which duty slot is available, who is on duty next, and what to do when an agent can't cover their slot can be major headaches in a manager's life. The duty roster module was designed to tackle this task and to simplify it as much as possible. With an easy, point-and-click calendar, agents can instantly see which duty slots are available and claim those they want to cover. To keep things fair, agents are limited to how many total slots they can claim per week so every agent has an equal opportunity. When an agent can't cover their slot, they can release it and the system will notify every one else on the duty roster that it is now available to be claimed.

Training Resources

Onboarding a new agent can be a daunting task, and there are a number of resources they need access as they get up to speed. We collected some of the resources we found most useful to new agents. From the breakdown of the LPMAMA lead qualifying questions, to lead follow-up, we have gathered them all into a simple online resource that is great for a quick reference whenever it is needed. All of these content sections can also be edited by the site manager to add or tweak any of the content within each section. reference.

Fitness Tracker

When we set a series of fitness goals across the team, we needed a way to help motivate each other and add a level of accountability. Based off Engage Minutes, this module helps a team track daily goals for diet and exercise. It uses the same reporting and notification features so the entire team can keep up to date on how every participant is doing on their weekly targets to both inspire and add a little friendly competition.

Client Services

Client engagment is a vital part of any business, especially real estate. Each type of engagement can sometimes be so very distinct and different from one another that is it difficult to find a tool that can address these needs. The Buddy System designed tools to solve some of these problems they faced and then included them in their agent tool suite.

Agent Reviews

There are key places on the internet that an agent review holds more weight than others. We especially struggled with getting clients to leave a review on our Zillow profile. For those that started the process but were too daunted to follow through, we lost not only the potential on Zillow but the raw review as well. This module was designed to provide a very simple review request that gathered the important parts first and then on those that rated well, to then give them an option to copy and paste their review to Zillow.

Moving Truck

Many real estate teams have a moving truck that they let clients use for free if they buy or sell with them. Managing the scheduling of a vehicle will the corresponding client data associated with it can require a bit a manual paperwork and effort. The moving truck module takes this task over and provides an easy to use, point-and-click calendar that handles the process from reservation requests to approval and date management.

Puzzle Game

Many sphere of influence clients are bombarded with so many various real estate related messaging systems that it can be a real challenge to get some of them to respond back to contact requests. The puzzle game module is a different way to engage potential clients by presenting a trivia or riddle puzzle that encourages the public to respond with an answer. With the added draw of correct answers getting the chance to win a prize from weekly or monthly contests, this is a fun way to interact without it being specifically about real estate. This is a great way to gather updated contact information from clients in your CRM as part of the answer process by gathering valid contact information in order to facilated prize giveaways.

Express Offer

With the growing number of investor related real estate opportunities that foster the iBuyer market, a number of companies have created platforms for engaging clients who are interested in selling their house via an instant cash offer in lieu of selling in the traditional way. Express Offer is a site that was designed to cater to individual top agents who either are investors or work with top investors in their area to facilitate iBuyer transactions. Unlike the other tools included in this suite, Express Offer is a separate site, but The Buddy System is including access to it as part of the subscription.